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Encourage Responsible Investment With Abonabrent International’s Focused Investment Capabilities

Posted 04 May-2021 05:17 AM by Diane | 784

Being one of the longest and largest servings of independent private equity partnerships, Abonabrent International has maintained a successful reputation in helping businesses achieve long-term success. Founded in 1984, the private firm supports responsible investment and closely works with various portfolio companies, investors, and other stakeholders.

The management platform offers the investor's payment and maintenance scheduling services through both online and mobile applications.

The core investment philosophy of this established private firm is centered on the sustainable growth of the businesses in which the company invests. Based on their expertise and deep international and local knowledge, the professionals mainly invest in five core sectors that include Healthcare, Business and Financial Services, Industrial, Technology, and Retail, Consumer, and Leisure. By closely analyzing the operational and strategic improvement potential, the experienced team seeks to invest in well-positioned companies to gain sustainable value through earning revenues.


With a strong experience of 30 years, the team has developed useful insights into the fluctuating trends and creates efficient strategies that better support the portfolio companies in achieving their desired objectives. Given the volatility of the market, the equity firm distributes the investment across all sectors and dynamically allocates the capital to the best-performing opportunities.

Ranging over two-to-three years, the global firm offers associate programs that foster collaboration and development across the five sectors. The participants are provided vigorous training and remain under the mentorship of the senior team members as they gain exposure to the investment process and the portfolio companies.

With offices in 12 countries on four different continents, Abonabrent International holds one of the most extensive geographic reaches. The reputed private equity firm enjoys a broad international reach across Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, which thereby helps the companies expand into new territories and tap into the global financial market.

Great businesses are based on some great ideas and mutual respect, and the reputed firm is built on solid foundations that encourage open discussion between people at all levels irrespective of the background or the title. The team greatly believes in valuing others’ perspectives and drives to create a collective decision.

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