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QuickBooks File Extensions (1-855-857-0824)

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QuickBooks File Extensions (1-855-857-0824)

QuickBooks file extensions are related to the QBW files and you can recognize a QuickBooks file type by first checking its extension. The main .QBW files are those that work as the data backup file of your company. Let me dive deeper into how to recognize QuickBooks file types and backend information related to these files.

QuickBooks File Extensions for Accountants

Check out here are some of the QuickBooks File extensions that are used for the accountant:

QBY extension: This file is created after importing when the accountant completes the modifications before sending it to the client.

QBX extension: It is also created after importing when a client is sending the file to their accountant

QBA extension: This work file is created on QuickBooks of the Accountant where they review the file and make the required modifications; it is created from the QBX file sent by the client.

QuickBooks File Extensions for Windows

The below-mentioned are some of the QuickBooks file extensions which are used for Windows different versions:

QBB extension: It is a backup file created from QuickBooks

QBW extension: It is usually used by users for the company file

QBM extension: It is a portable copy of the company file that helps in sending and receiving the files.

QuickBooks File Extension for Payroll Files

Here is the file extension that issued for the Payroll files

1PA: It is the extension used for the 940 and 941 tax form files

QPD: QuickPay type of data file created through QuickPay version 3.0

TXT & SET: These are QuickBooks version 2.0 and 2.1

Qpconvrt.log: This is a log that stores all payroll warning messages

Taxtbl.usa: It is the extension for Windows version 3.1

Other QuickBooks Company Files Extension

Check out some more extensions for the Company file extension.

Qbwin.log (QuickBooks log file): This file includes a log from QuickBooks company file for all records generated or changed by the user.

.ND (QuickBooks Network Data file): It is a configuration file that keeps a record of the computer network that allows access to other files on the network

Temp 1234.qbt (temp rebuild file): This file is created by the user while rebuilding the company file

IIF (Intuit Interchange Format file): It lets user import or export of transactions and lists from either Bank or other QuickBooks Desktop. Learn how to fix IIF import error in QuickBooks while import and export data.

LMR and .LMX extension files: These files contain information related to the loan that a user tracks in QuickBooks company file

TLG extension: This log file contains all the transactions in QuickBooks. It allows the software to recover old and desired transactions.

So, the ultimate guide ends here with the hope that you find it easy to understand QuickBooks file extensions and QuickBooks file types with differences. However, each type of QuickBooks File has a unique extension. Although QuickBooks file extensions type may vary based on which version of QuickBooks you’re using.

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Final Word

While there is complete information available nowadays regarding the QBW and QBB file formats, this article mostly focuses on the QuickBooks file extensions. Nonetheless, it is interesting to know the way these two file types differ from one another. Furthermore, this article also p


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